So here we go! Tomorrow is the big day! The start of our journey! So I thought I would introduce you to my co-hosts for January!

  January Co host mini photos

I am so excited to be starting my year with these two girls as Co-Hosts! If you ever get a chance to sit down and chat with them do it! They have such big hearts, and are so in love with God and their husbands. I’m excited to get to learn from them this month.

sd trip 2Jen is the first person who I talked with about this whole thing, and I’m so blessed by her ideas and thoughts.

Jen and her lovely hubby Micah dated back in high school, then moved away to college on opposite sides of the country, and after graduation started dating. They got engaged on the 10th anniversary of when they started dating back in high school! And they’ve spent the last two and a half years married.

Jen and Micah live in Arizona with their porcelain hunting dog – a futile attempt to satisfy Micah’s sudden desire for a real dog. Micah’s little sister is living with them and they love having her around.

For Jen the one thing that makes the biggest difference in their marriage is reading the Word and obeying it.  “Even though Micah and I don’t get to read the Bible together very often due to our schedules, the Holy Spirit is at work when I read the Word on my own, teaching me to submit gladly, love selflessly, and quiet my tongue when I want to nag or speak out of anger.”

I asked Jen what she hoped to gain from focusing on faith this month: “I am reminded more and more that Jesus is my faith. My faith is in Him, yet He is the one that is faithful on my behalf. He is faithful when I am not. I think worshiping Jesus for the gift of faith, gives us a heart that is ready to face trials in marriage and glorify God for the gift of marriage.”

Jen blogs over at The Arizona Russums


us At the beginning of December I was sending out a big email to all the girls who had signed up to co-host, and I before I hit send I had this push to add some other names to the list. Jess was one of them, and goodness am I glad I followed through with that push.

Jess and her hubby Scott live in the DC area with their little guy Judah. Jess and Scott will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary in March. Jess left working full time in ministry to be a stay at home mom and she makes the most adorable hats ever! I can’t wait to have one for Rory and Gray next winter!! Scott leads worship on weekends, and spends his day doing nerdy engineering things.

The one thing that makes a big difference in marriage for Jess is clear communication. “Being able to communicate clearly and without raising your voice while upset”. Another big thing: Date nights! “Date nights to energize our relationship and bring us back to why we started courting in the first place it sometimes gets really hard to focus on each other while we have a very energetic two year old running around us. ”

Jess’s hope for this month: “I hope that the Lord would draw my husband and I even closer than we already are. To show us how to balance out our faith in the Lord, each other and our family.”

Jess blogs over at My Little Mustache



And then there’s me!

ernst-8513 Brian and I have been married for 4 years this past fall, and were dating for 2 years before that. After working in finance for years, I’m now a stay at home mom to Gray. babE Aurora is still cooking away and will hopefully wait a bit longer before joining us. Brian’s an Accountant who does something with computers (?). We live in Waterloo, Ontario in the Great White North – Canada.

For Brian and I the one thing that makes a big difference in our marriage is Tone. Our tone when we’re communicating can make all the difference. There are times when we stop and say sorry my tone was off on that, let’s try that again. And we’re firm believers in Date Nights. We had set date nights when I was in University and we were first dating, and we’ve tried to keep it up. My goal for 2013 is at least two date nights a month. Not always needing a baby sitter, but sometimes just a coffee date after Gray’s in bed, or a movie date on the couch on a weekend.

This month I’m anticipating some great things that the Lord has for me. I know that some of the things he’s going to say aren’t going to be easy to hear, but I know that every word he has for me is good, and will do good in my relationship with him and my relationship with Brian.


It all starts tomorrow! I’m excited to see how Jen and Jess are going to bless us all this month. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see it all start. And please let us know if you’re joining us this month. Comment below so we can all be praying for each other.

Until tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Godly Wife: January Co-Hosts

  1. Rachel says:

    Looking forward to being challenged to step up as a wife and not forget my husband in the craziness of life and kids! Thanks girls!

    • Jacqueline says:

      Rachel – so glad to have you with us! Can't wait for some of the great conversations we'll have over coffee about this.
      Blessings Friend!

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