From the daily archives: "Tuesday, February 5, 2013"


Back in the day my mom and I would curl up on the couch on Sunday nights and watch Touched by An Angel. Yes I know, years and years ago. One Sunday night, the 100th episode to be exact, was possibly the hardest episode for us to watch. It hit really close to home. There was a boy who was very sick with Cystic Fibrosis, and back then I still had scares on my arms from all the testing the doctors had done through the years because I had all the classic symptoms for CF. Doctor’s could never find any reason that I couldn’t gain weight, or my lung problems, not in combination. I can only imagine what my parent’s went through for years wondering if the test would come back with an answer, and an answer that at that point meant a daughter who would mean a shortened life.

When I was little I didn’t understand the tests. Usually we would just be going to see my dad at work (he worked at our local hospital for years), and I knew I hated the tests but I didn’t know what they were for. It wasn’t until that Sunday, those moments with my mom that I started to fully understand what all that meant.

Psalm 151 is a psalm that the mother of that little boy with CF wrote. It took years, but eventually she did finish it.


This song is the song I pray for Rory. The attitude that Rory has as she grows. I hope that Rory someday understands all the love she has received even before she was born. The amazing gift that she is the only grandchild who will never know what my dad looks like with his nose hose. That God has had his hand of protection on her life, and despite labor at 23 and 27 week, she’s still cooking at 30 weeks.


Aurora I love you so much, and I’ll spend every day singing this song for you until the day you can.


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