From the daily archives: "Monday, February 25, 2013"

Here we are again at the end of another month. I have been so blessed by Erin, Nadine and Christina. Make sure you check out their posts from this month. You can find all of them over on the Godly Wife Page.

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Yes, last week’s post didn’t go up. I’ll hopefully be able to get it up later today or tomorrow. And I’ll explain why it’s been so so quiet this past week and a bit.


This month has really opened my eyes to ways I can honor Brian that I hadn’t been. Christina wrote this great post about having to always be right. I love the jersey analogy – what jersey are we wearing? Are we looking for the win, or are we honouring our spouse?

These past weeks I’ve really been working on my words about Brian to others. Using words that describe his character and integrity in a good light and not highlighting the little things that he might that I don’t appreciate. I want to be sure that the world is seeing Brian and his great qualities, and not seeing the amplification of some of his faults.

I’m also being conscious of my actions. I don’t want people to question Brian’s character by my actions. I don’t want my choice in clothes to reflect poorly on Brian, or how I treat people. Sometimes the smallest things can make a big difference.

So what did you work on this month? Was there something specific God revealed to you? I would love to hear about it! Link up below and tell us about your February and how Honor has impacted it.

A big thank you to Erin, Nadine and Christina for co-hosting with me. You have all inspired me in so many ways.

I’m excited for next week when Virginia from Geeky and Sassy is going to join me and we’re going to talk about obedience and some other things.

And be sure to pop back tomorrow to hear about what’s been going on this past week and a half. Brian and I have big news to share with you all.


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