From the daily archives: "Sunday, March 31, 2013"

It’s Easter Sunday. There was no bunny treats left at our house this morning, there are no gifts to open, there was just the 4 of us. We woke up and got ready. Today is a big day. Today we took Aurora to church for the first time. I find it fitting that today was our first Sunday at church as a family of four.

It was really the first time that we’ve been to church since August. Once we found out that we were pregnant with R and that I was no longer immune to rubella church was a risk for us. Not knowing who might be sick or who might not be immunized, so we made the wise choice and stayed home.

Today was a day I needed. I needed to stand with hundreds of others and declare how great our god is. I needed to stand there and be in the presence of God and know that he has placed us in such an amazing community of his people. And I needed to hear his word, not through computer speakers but from our pastor and know that I wasn’t the only one hearing those words in my heart.


spring is here Easter is the biggest holiday for me, not Christmas, but Easter. Good Friday can be such a heavy day for people. The crucifixion of Christ on that hill, and the feeling we take on that hope has passed. But I see it totally differently. For me Christmas is when our world received an amazing gift. A gift that without we wouldn’t have Good Friday or Easter to celebrate, but Good Friday and Easter are the big days, the days that mean we are free.

Christ’s birth is an amazing thing, without his birth we wouldn’t have his death and resurrection. But for me this weekend is so much more than just a reason for chocolate. We are here to celebrate because of Jesus and his choices. He chose to live a spotless life, he chose to follow God’s plan and he chose to give his life for us. Jesus was a man as well as the son of God, and he chose to give his life for ours. He took our place in death. Because of him we are free from the Law. The moral law of God. The law that is all but impossible to live up to, the only one that could was Jesus. And because he did live up to the Law he chose that even though he was not under the curse of the law that he would give up his life for those of us who were. He switched places with us.

And today we celebrate that we live! Though our physical bodies will die, we will live eternally with Christ. We can praise every day for eternity! How amazing is that?!? Our Pastor reminded us this morning that Christ’s resurrection was the only miracle in the bible that was permanent! Yes Jesus fed the 5000, Lazarus was raised from the dead, but the next day the 5000 were hungry again and Lazarus did have a second funeral. But Jesus, Jesus walked the earth for another 6 weeks, and he ascended into heaven in his physical body. Jesus’ body did not die again! Today we live, and we can live with the hope of eternity because of Jesus. All that God has asked of us is that we spend our lives following him. Our life here and now, but forever with him.

Today I celebrate that I have a choice, I don’t live under the curse of the Law, and by choosing to live my life for God I can live eternally with him. Today I am grateful for the Cross. I am so so thankful for the choice Jesus made, and that he gave his life for me. That I am important enough to the kingdom. And so are you!


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