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I’ve got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart, where? Down in my heart, where? Down in my heart!

Did you ever sing this song in Sunday school? When I think of joy this song always pops into my head.

When I think of this I always wonder how do I get joy deep down in my heart? I think the biggest thing we can do to get joy deep in our hearts is to be thankful. I find the days that I really focus and bring attention to the things I’m thankful for I’m a more joyful person. On the tough days, like the last few, I can take a deep breath and remind myself of my blessings and that joy comes back, maybe not with a huge big smile but even just a little one.

Brian and Gray spent last night in the ER. Gray and I have been hit hard by the flu, and after talking with Telehealth last night they suggested that G needed to be seen as soon as possible to rule out severe dehydration and a chest infection. Talk about feeling like a horrible parent. In a matter of a few days G’s gone downhill and become a completely different little man. We originally thought it was just a reaction to being home so much while we were potty training. And what we assumed was food poisoning with Brian wasn’t and now we’ve all been sick (except Rory thank God).

Grayson on the couchSo as horrible as I feel, and as rough as it’s been for Brian and Gray, there are some things that I can be grateful for. Brian was supposed to go back to work today, but his employers are great and he is able to stay home for one more day to help me out, and sleep himself. Gray is not his usual run around like crazy self, but that does mean more snuggles from him. Rory isn’t sick! And the fact that we’re nursing means she’s getting my antibodies to hopefully protect her from getting sick.

I do really feel that being thankful contributes to being joyful. Even on the really hard days if we look for something good, something positive to be thankful for, we’ll find it and we’ll be able to find a bit of joy in our day.

And just because I now have this song stuck in my head, we’ll do some old school Sunday school and here’s a video of it. Not me or my church, but cute kids and a good reminder.


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  1. We were just singing this yesterday "I've got the love of Jesus in my heart!" – that's what it's all about. You're a great mom, and great parents with B…and I'm glad you're all on the mend!

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