Sweet Aurora,

Today is the day you were due to arrive, yet I’ve held you in my arms for almost 8 weeks. The last 8 weeks have been some of the best of my life. You are truly my little light. There are so many things I want to tell you about life.

Life gave you an early start, but that won’t matter 5 years from now. You and I fought the hardest battles of our life before you were even born, and in those early days, you’re a fighter my little light. Anything you come up against in life doesn’t stand a chance because I know you have the strength to beat it.

Miracles happen every day! I know this because every day you cooked on the inside was a blessing and miracle to me. God blessed us with 32 weeks of you cooking despite you wanting to arrive 9 weeks earlier.

hugs from Gray



Your big brother loves you so so much. He is constantly kissing and hugging you every day. When you need your soother, or your swing stops he’s right there helping you. You are so blessed to have a big brother that cares as much as he does.





Daddy holding Rory


Your father will always be there for you. The only time I have seen your dad smile more with his eyes was on our wedding day. Every time he looks at you he smiles, he can’t help it. No matter what he says about your wardrobe as a teenager (we’ll have a conversation in 12 years), he will always love you, and you will always be his miracle babE girl. To him you will always be a little 4lb babE, and he will always remember holding you in one hand, and the first time he held you.





first time holding Rory



I will always always be here for you! No matter what the time of day or night, the conditions, I am will always be your mom. We will argue (ask Gramma S about the talks we had when I was a teen), we will fight, you will tell me you hate me, but nothing NOTHING will change my love for you. I will always look out for you and tell you how it is even if you don’t like it, that’s my job as your mom. I won’t always be your friend, in fact I probably won’t be your friend till you’re in high school, and even then there will be days. I’m not here to be your friend first, I’m your mom first, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.


Aurora Elizabeth, I am so blessed to be your mom. I thank God every day that you are my daughter. You are one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I will do everything in my power to protect you every day of my life.


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3 Responses to Sweet Aurora

  1. Cassey says:

    I love this! Congrats! I am so glad she is a happy, healthy baby girl!

  2. I want to give you all a big hug! You're a big blessing in my life too!

  3. Kelly says:

    I am so glad she is doing so well!

    Sparkles and Shoes

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